About us

The collection of household appliances and accessories created by RLC Grupp Hendelsbolag is the result of the excellent work of RUNZEL designers. At the end of 2010, the current range of electrical products in the line was 12 items.

Runzel's main strategy is to develop completely new and unique models in collaboration with Danish industrial design bureau Seidenfaden. Each model developed here has unique characteristics and a unique style.

In the 2010 assortment, new coffee grinders in the corporate color scheme and the new Blu flag in the style of the Swedish flag appeared.

The new motorized toaster changes the familiar of the toaster, making it more morning - now the bread sinks and rises on its own and very smoothly, and the nervous popping up of the toast is a thing of the past. New models of dummies have internal lighting and a completely unique design.

In 2017, RLC Grupp again began to produce ironing equipment, which had not been on the market for a long time. Garment steamers that have become popular make the highlight in this market segment. The most successful model in the line is the RUNZEL PRO-300 TurboSteam steamer, which has become a leader outside the competition.

We work for you and create reliable equipment with a unique guarantee.

Yours faithfully,
RLC Grupp Company