RUNZEL PRO-300 TurboSteam
Recommended price: 15.750 ₽
RUNZEL ECO-260 Skraddarsy
Recommended price: 10.100 ₽
RUNZEL PRO-290 AngaStark
Recommended price: 12.000 ₽
RUNZEL MAX-230 Magica
Recommended price: 9.000 ₽

About Runzel

The main strategy of Runzel is the development of brand-new unique stainless steel products in conjunction with the Danish industrial design office Seidenfaden. Each model, developed by Runzel, has unique characteristics and unique steel style. The new motorized toaster changes the habitual toaster character, making it more morning - now the bread falls and rises independently and very smoothly, and the nervous tosses of toasts go to the past. New models of teapots have internal lighting and a completely unique design. The sale of the R-480 coffee machine continues, for the development of which the company took more than 2 years and 112 patents.

In 2011, ZauGrupp again begins to produce ironing equipment, which was not on the market since 2009. Become popular models of steamers for clothes make a highlight in this segment of the market. The most successful model in the lineup is the steamer Runzel PRO-270 i-Fordel, which became the leader outside the competition.