- 18%
RUNZEL VAG-170 LillaBaby
Recommended price: 5.590 ₽
4.590 ₽
- 10%
RUNZEL VAG-160 Plantag
Recommended price: 4.990 ₽
4.490 ₽
RUNZEL PRO-270 Omstart
Recommended price: 15.490 ₽
- 14%
Recommended price: 3.490 ₽
2.990 ₽
RUNZEL PRO-S/J-205 Digital Steamer
Recommended price: 17.990 ₽
RUNZEL FOR-900 Utmarkt
Recommended price: 24.990 ₽
- 11%
RUNZEL VAG-150 Jatten
Recommended price: 4.490 ₽
3.990 ₽
RUNZEL PRO-300 TurboSteam
Recommended price: 18.990 ₽
RUNZEL ECO-260 Skraddarsy
Recommended price: 12.490 ₽
RUNZEL PRO-290 Kladaffar
Recommended price: 16.490 ₽
RUNZEL PRO-290 AngaStark
Recommended price: 14.490 ₽
RUNZEL MAX-230 Magica
Recommended price: 9.490 ₽

About Runzel

The main strategy of Runzel is the development of fundamentally new unique products in conjunction with the Danish industrial design bureau Seidenfaden. Each model developed by Runzel has unique characteristics and a unique style. New models of dummies have internal lighting and a completely unique design. A separate word is the Runzel garment steamers. A wide range allows you to choose a steamer for every taste. For work, one of the most powerful 2600W models called PRO-290 is the best business solution. For smaller studios, consider the Skraddarsy Studio model. And finally, the solution for the home model Rena and Magica.

In 2018, RLC Grupp again begins to produce ironing equipment. The most successful model in the lineup is the RUNZEL PRO-300 TurboSteam steamer, which has become a leader outside the competition for any business class steamer.

Meet the latest in 2019 - the VAG handheld steamers - Jatten and Plantag, as well as the 2020 PRO-270 Omstart and the unique VAG-170 LillaBaby hand-held pressure steam steamer